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On today’s show

This week the program to refund the municipal portion of property taxes was approved by the Sioux Falls City Council. To be eligible for this program, certain qualifications must be met. Today, more about the Municipal Property Tax Refund Program. Curt Soehl is a member of the Sioux Falls City Council.

Should ingestion of a controlled substance be a felony? The South Dakota Legislature is once again debating the issue. The House Judiciary Committee is considering a proposal to change the charge. We listen in on the debate.

Tim Schut suffers from a rare brain disorder that is robbing him of his ability to speak. The Chester man is embracing optimism on a journey to amplify his voice in the time he has left to make himself heard.

Ana Ruiz says she caught the “cow bug” growing up on her family’s dairy farm near Watertown. Today she is pursuing her dream of becoming a veterinarian at South Dakota State University. SDPB’s Lura Roti takes a moment and visits with Ana about her calling to serve animals and their people.

An SDPB driveway moment has veteran journalist Kevin Woster pondering the conduct of South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg in the days following the fatal crash for which he is currently facing an impeachment inquiry. Did Ravnsborg abuse his office when he sought information about cell phone data recovery before he turned over his cell phone to investigators? You can find Woster’s latest at

Filmmaker Dalton Coffey’s Panorama of South Dakota takes you across the state to experience art from local artistic treasures. We talk with Coffey about his process and why he finds the work of other artists so fascinating. Panorama airs tonight on SDPB-TV1 at 8:30 CST / 7:30 MST.