OCT 21, 2021 SEASON 1 EPISODE 72
John T. Meyer

Since 2013, Tim Schut has picked a single word to serve as his annual theme. Last December, he chose the word courage. That was before he learned that Primary Progressive Apraxia of Speech, a rare neurodegenerative syndrome, would rob him of his superpower: speech.

While the odds are one in a million, he hopes to find and support others with the frequently misdiagnosed condition. In this special episode, Tim joins host John T. Meyer to share his story and how he’s preparing his family and friends for the impending loss of his voice, and the eventual loss of his light.

  • The Discovery (2:40)
  • What Happens Next (12:11)
  • Tim’s Lessons and Legacy (18:10)
  • Rapid-fire with Tim (25:03)


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